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Your memories, those digital photos, are almost certainly still there, or at least most of them will be.

The fact is, that whatever caused the problem, you are left with a memory card containing no memories.

The only stipulation to that is if she had taken additional pictures and wrote over the previous batch.

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Klix can save a lot of heartache and is almost worth having in reserve in case the unthinkable should happen to your digital cards.

The only caveat we found is that Klix is unable to recover pictures after a format operation in Olympus or Fuji cameras using XD media.

Overall, it does a good job at recovering photos but beware that some of them can reappear in a weird state or with different colors.

She was devastated and tried several of the other free digital picture recovery software that were available and nothing was able to recover her pictures.

Digital photography brings along certain dangers, because even when it is more reliable than the problems originated by film rolls, it is also true that the files can also be lost due to folders being deleted by mistake or an error with a memory card.

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We do something very basic: Take donations of newer Macintosh computers, refurbish them and return them to the community.

Recovering the photos to a device or printing them as thumbnails are about the only things you can do with Klix.

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Which means that an expert can recover that data, find those missing images and restore them in all their headless dancing on the beach glory.

Klix makes no attempt to repair a damaged media card; it cannot cause additional damage or picture loss.

Same goes for most reformatting operations, the data is all still there on the drive but the information telling the PC where it all is and in what order is scrambled.

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