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If you will be using RMAN to create the standby database, it also needs a static service to restart the database being created.

Broker configuration, allowing you to specify a connect identifier for the observer to use for monitoring the primary and failover target.

FSFO guarantees that all transactions that committed prior to 30 seconds ago are preserved during failover.

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If the call is from a person whose number is not in your contacts list, the ring will be silent to begin with.

If you already have an FRA, you may need to increase its size in order to accommodate the Flashback Database files.

To avoid problems due to timing variations, values less than 60 minutes are not recommended and values of 30 or less virtually guarantee Flashback Database failure.

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This article explores how to set up Data Guard Broker for simpler configuration, monitoring and maintenance of Oracle 11g primary and standby databases.

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If you already have an FRA, you may need to increase its size in order to accommodate the Flashback Database files.

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The same is true for PCs as well, where a 256GB hard disk is detected with approximately 238GB of usable space.

Note: if the observer loses contact with the primary, but the standby does not, the observer can determine that the primary is still up via the standby.

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プロパティ 説明 ; パラメータ・タイプ : パラメータの型を指定します。 ブール・パラメータは、値としてtrueまたはfalseを .data guard use_db_recovery_file_dest.

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